How to use NAILMAID

NAILMAID may be hand-held or placed on a steady surface, whichever you find most comfortable.

Nail length is determined by slot positioning. The nearer to the centre of the contour plate you go the less your nail will be filed and vice versa. Select the slot that best fits your finger shape and size.

Take care to ensure that the skin of the finger does not go into the slot. Press the switch to start operating. Now pivot your finger slowly from side to side and gradually increase the pressure so that the fingernail goes deeper into the slot and is gradually shortened more and more. When your fingernail is no longer affected by the filing disc you can move to the next slot and repeat the process to shorten nails further or stop if happy with the length. Check your nail frequently to see whether the desired nail length has been reached.

A short time is all it takes to master NAILMAID and you will be able to shorten and shape your fingernails in a few minutes. Avoid applying strong pressure on the finger and thus on the filing wheel, as this could lead to an uncomfortable warming of your nails.

Special shaping profile templates are included to be used with longer nails. These fit into the two small holes on the contour plate. Rolling the finger crest several times over the appropriate template will produce the nail shape of the profile template. The finger should be kept 90° to the profile template for best results. Please commence the filing process by placing the middle of the nail onto the centre of the profile template and then file evenly from right to left and back.

We recommend only using the profile templates after you have gained sufficient experience with NAILMAID.